Ways to Make Money While Still Making the Grade

Being a full-time student isnít easy and, unfortunately, for a majority of students, juggling both school and work is a necessity. Even with scholarships, grants and other forms of financial aid like student loans, there is always the possibility of experiencing a financial gap. This is definitely the case for those attending schools that are known for high tuition and fees, like UCLA. Obtaining a part-time job or participating in a paid internship program is an effective way for students to ensure they can afford their education and the related expenses that go along with it.

Having a job while going to school takes a lot of effort, commitment and discipline but luckily, the choices available for students are numerous. It is common sense to pick a job that you have some kind of interest in and that suits your personality. For example, students that have outgoing personalities and excel in customer service always have the option of working as servers in a restaurant. While this occupation does involve being on your feet for long periods of time, depending on where you work, the potential for earning tips in addition to an hourly wage is huge. Individuals that prefer the nightlife should look into bartending opportunities, which give them the chance to work at clubs, bars, lounges and even upscale hotel venues.

Looking for a part-time job that is more favorable to working remotely from home? Telecommuting could be the answer. Students that would prefer to be left to their own devices and who are disciplined enough to work with little to no supervision will find certain telecommuting jobs, such as writing products reviews, very fulfilling. Many telecommuting jobs offer decent pay and a flexible schedule, not to mention that a student can complete their workload wherever they have Internet access.

Donít do well with routine and would rather connect with people in different environments? Then a part-time job in promotions might be the perfect fit. Brand ambassadors have the ability to socialize with the public at a variety of locations, which could range from nightclubs and restaurants to amusement parks and shopping centers. These positions pay fairly well, not to mention the perks of receiving free product samples.

Another job opportunity that provides a happy balance for allowing students to stay close to campus without being glued to their dorm room or apartment would be to get a job through their school. From working at the library to the campus bookstore, there are a variety of job openings where a student can seek employment. These opportunities arenít just limited to the library, bookstore or student center, either. Itís a good idea for students to find out if there are any open positions available at places like the health center, bursarís or even as a teacherís assistant. There is also the tried and true option of tutoring. If there is a subject you excel in and are open to teaching it, you can earn income by sharing your knowledge.

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