Things College Students Should Know About Insurance

Thereís a learning curve of sorts for college students when it comes to acclimating to their new surroundings on a college campus. However, much of what really needs to be learned doesnít have anything to do with school or classes. Students are considered young adults and that means encountering very real world situations and subjects. Insurance is one of them.

Itís common knowledge that there are different types of insurance: auto, health, home. Auto insurance is a must and going without means breaking the law. However, most students have basic knowledge as to the importance of auto insurance, how it works and understand the role it plays in their lives.

Health insurance has undergone quite a transformation, especially due to the recent health reform changes. Whereas college students had to worry about coverage after getting dropped from their parentsí plans after the age of 23, the new laws now ensure that young adults have health insurance until their 26th birthday. However, it is still important for students and their parents to know the nuts and bolts of their own specific plans. For example, some plans state that a student can only be covered under their parents if theyíre enrolled in school full-time. Not being aware of such a clause could lead to students and parents falsely believing they have their bases covered and not finding out the real deal until it is too late.

One type of insurance that not all college students pay much attention to is renters insurance. Many college goers live off campus in apartments, studios or rent rooms from a landlord. It is in a studentís best interest to explore the possibility of signing up for a renters insurance policy. This type of insurance is ideal for providing coverage for personal property in case it is stolen, damaged or needs to be replaced.

Students rely on their electronic devices such as laptops, desktop computers, printers, scanners, tablets and cell phones. Having something happen to these items can cause a lot of stress, not to mention added expense for purchasing new ones. But with the right renters insurance policy, solutions can be reached in a timely manner. Those interested in researching this subject will want to shop around for policies and get free quotes from several companies. Sites like make this process very convenient and allow a person to get results within a matter of seconds. It is important to understand that location plays a factor (among others) as to what a potential policy could cost. For example, students living near campuses like UCLA could expect to pay a different amount for their policy compared to a student looking for renters insurance near a campus in an area like San Diego or San Francisco.

Aside from getting quotes it is also essential to talk to an actual insurance agent to put the information collected into perspective. Online quotes are a great starting point but they donít necessarily reflect a personís exact situation and needs.

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