Everybodyís Jumping on the Social Media Bandwagon

Social media isn't just for the "kids" anymore. While high school and college students tend to be the biggest users of social media sites in general, there are other players more than willing to play the game. Having a strong online presence is important, especially for businesses, as well as schools.

It's no longer unusual for colleges and universities to have their own social media profiles in addition to an official website. Sometimes a website alone isnít enough to draw attention and for schools hoping to attract new students, beefing up their presence on the Internet is a priority. However, this strategy isnít just for enticing future students to apply to campuses and learn more about what they have to offer. For colleges and universities, having these outlets makes it easier to connect with currently enrolled students. This increases the number of accessible resources and information that are very beneficial for incoming freshmen all the way up to graduating upperclassmen.

However, the association between colleges and social media doesnít end there. There is undeniable proof that social media is here to stay and will only continue to become more advanced in the years to come. This means a couple of things as they relate to colleges, the first being that schools recognize that they must keep up with the times. To accomplish this, colleges and universities know they have to dedicate the funds, resources and personnel necessary to ensure they stay on top of their online presence in social media. This is done in-house or by hiring an outside firm that specializes in services like social media management and marketing.

The second realization for colleges when it comes to the social media boom is the fact that there are a slew of careers that fall under this category. Needless to say, there is no shortage of students that dream about immersing themselves in social media culture as a career path. Of course in order to get hired, one has to have the skills. The result: social media degree programs. These days, itís easy to find this type of degree program at a number of schools. From basic courses offered at community colleges, to undergraduate schools and even extension programs, such as those available at UCLA, students have the opportunity to gain the educational training needed to seriously pursue social media as a career, regardless of location and/or where they want to attend school.

Social media overall could be seen as a blessing in disguise for many campuses. Not only does this phenomenon give them additional ways to foster relationships with their student body, it has also provided them a great opportunity to expand their curriculums, which means higher student enrollment.

As long as social networking continues to thrive, schools will continue making the effort to not just stay on the bandwagon with everybody else but invest in the resources and take the steps necessary to make sure they stay at the front of the pack.

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