Las Vegas: The New Spring Break Hot Spot

Spring Break continues to be a time of celebration for all college students. In past years, droves of students flocked to places like Mexico, Miami and other similar locations where there’s plenty of sun, surf and sand. However, Las Vegas - which has always been a hot spot in general—is starting to become the new “it” destination for many students wanting to let their hair down during Spring Break. For those on a budget, it is possible to have a Sin City celebration without completely draining one’s bank account.

These days it is now easier than ever to find great deals and conduct searches all from one place: your computer. Even the most basic online searches have the ability to turn up deals for everything from Vegas hotels to rental car specials and entire travel packages. Because lodgings are one of the most important factors to secure for such a trip, it is a good idea to begin shopping around online well in advance of Spring Break. Sites like are ideal for students because they offer not just prices but a score of other resources to help make your trip a positive experience. In addition to providing a list of price comparisons for hotel rooms, the site also provides helpful reviews that offer a “balanced and impartial opinion.”

One of the best ways to plan for a trip to Sin City is to not only start booking in advance (remember, you’re not the only student planning on spending Spring Break in Vegas), but also trying to sign up for a package deal. The advantage of this method is that you’ll only have one price to pay, instead of paying for everything separately. A majority of popular travel sites automatically offer package deals because they know it is much more convenient for people to afford. Combining your hotel, airfare and/or rental car saves you a lot more money in the long run, which any college student can appreciate.

Still worried about being able to afford your Spring Break trip to Vegas? Since it’s no fun to be on “The Strip” alone, bring along your best pals. This gives you the chance to kill two birds with one stone—you get to split the cost of the trip evenly while being able to enjoy spending time with your closest friends. Depending on what spots you plan on visiting while in Vegas, chances are you can also get away with skipping on the costs of a rental car. A number of hotel shuttles make runs to and from the airport around the clock so if you and your crew are flying in, you’ll have transportation ready for you—oftentimes at no additional cost. Everything within Vegas is walking distance as well and there is no shortage of cabs available if you don’t want to go everywhere on foot. However, if you have to have a vehicle to drive around in, the good news is that there is plenty of free parking all over Sin City.

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