Important Moving Tips for College Students

Moving is a situation that a large number of college bound students can expect to encounter during their academic career, especially those planning on attending a college or university out of state or a few hours away from home. Students that find themselves faced with a big move—such as across the country—are faced with a number of challenges when it comes to transporting not just their belongings but major items. For those requiring transportation arrangements for their vehicle, there is always the reliable option of auto transport services. By keeping the following crucial factors in mind, the odds of having a positive experience with this process will increase dramatically.

Tip #1: Give Yourself Time to Shop Around

To get the best deals, you’ll want to give yourself plenty of time to see what transport companies have to offer and what types of auto transport prices you could be dealing with. Although the Internet does make things more convenient as far as seeing what your options are, you’ll still need to allot yourself the proper time frame to hire the company, get the payment taken care of and prepare your vehicle for transport. Waiting until the last minute is definitely not recommended if you want the best results and for things to go smoothly.

Tip #2: Prep Your Vehicle for the Journey

Remember, you’ll be trusting your car with the transport company and that means you won’t be along for the trip to keep an eye on things. Before having them load up your car, the following steps should be followed:

1) Inspect your vehicle: Do a complete walk around and make notes of any existing scratches, dents or other damage (having your car washed beforehand makes it easier to identify such things). This should be done to ensure that your car arrives in the same condition it was in before it was moved. An inspection report will be filled out as well to cover all your bases.

2) Remove valuables: The transport company won’t cover your losses in case anything gets lost or stolen.

3) Take care of little things: This includes rolling up all the windows (in case of rain you don’t want your interior to get soaked), securing the top of your car if it is a convertible, etc.

Tip #3: Check the Insurance Policy

Ask the transport company you hire for a copy of the insurance policy that will cover your vehicle during the big move. Make sure you understand what is covered in the policy versus what isn’t. Always get everything in writing. If needed, talk to your own insurance company and have them review the company’s policy so that they’re up to speed on things as well.

Tip #4: Keep the Moving Company Up-to-Date

A common issue transport companies run into is miscommunication or lack of. If you need to reschedule the delivery date or some other change is required, notify the transport company as soon as possible. Even the smallest change could mean a major delay in receiving your car.

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