Put Your Best Face Forward This Halloween: Skip the Mask

Halloween is fast approaching and undoubtedly as many college students as children are gearing up to celebrate. Costume stores like the ever-popular Spirit Halloween are already beginning to crop up all over the nation, which means students at campuses from UCLA all the way to NYU can start their shopping early for ideas.

While itís easy to purchase a costume and put on a mask, many students are becoming more hands-on with their Halloween outfits. The more DIY types even go as far as to sew and put together their own costumes from scratch. However, tailoring a special costume doesnít have to mean making something completely homemade.

If youíre looking for a way to make an impact this Halloween, try taking things up a notch by doing your own makeup to match your costume. Believe it or not, professional makeup artistry skills arenít required to get great results. For example, female college students wanting to dive into their inner comic book nerd can easily don an outfit like Wonder Woman or Black Widow from The Avengers and match it with the right wig and basic makeup. The fellas may have to be a bit more creative if they decide to do something more out of the box, like going green to become The Hulk. Looking for a costume idea thatís not so mainstream as a superhero? Martha Stewartís website has its own special section devoted to a slideshow of homemade Halloween costumes for adults, which also comes with instructions for how to put each costume idea together.

Regardless of what you want to transform into for Halloween, there are costume makeup suggestions that are important to consider. For one thing, it is important to plan whether to use traditional cosmetic makeup items or more professional grade products. The average costume makeup results can be accomplished just fine with drugstore foundation, eye liner, eye shadow, etc. But for ideas that involve more effort, there is theater makeup, which is perfect for everything from creating ghastly, bloody wounds to donning a deathly pallor.

Students attending campuses with a strong theater department have this resource at their disposal. So if youíre in need of theater makeup or donít know the best places to purchase them at, start making friends with the people at your schoolís theater department. They might have their own store that sells products or have connections as to where the most affordable items are sold.

Although it is just Halloween makeup, itís important that students choose a look that will not only look great when paired with their costume but that wonít cause harm to their complexion as well. Makeup allergies are no fun to deal with. Before committing to any new makeup product for your Halloween look, perform a ďspot testĒ first. This means applying a bit of the makeup onto a neutral area like the back of your hand and waiting 24 hours to see if a negative reaction occurs. Itís also helpful to read the label of ingredients.

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