Food Items Any Student Budget Can Afford

Top Ramen will continue to be a staple in the average college studentís diet. Thankfully, there are many more options to choose from and they donít all have to be unhealthy. It can be tricky working off of a student budget but with the right know-how, any student has the ability to stock on up food items that will take them through tests, papers and the hustle and bustle of getting to and from classes.

Junk food items and bottles of soda are cheap, can be found anywhere and often come in bulk. But that doesnít make for the best eating regimens, especially for college students. Trying to eat right should be made just as much of a priority as making the grade. Grocery shopping doesnít have to be a huge expense if students know where to look and how to modify their eating habits.

Fresh fruit is one food item that works perfectly as a snack on the go or something to curb hunger pangs. When added to meals, it makes for the ideal lunch or dinner portion. The great thing about fresh fruit is the wide variety available, which means even the pickiest of eaters will find something theyíll love and wonít mind including in their daily eating habits. Additionally, it doesnít cost an arm and a leg to stock up on this item, which can be purchased just about anywhere. Students have the typical grocery stores to choose from or they can choose to attend a farmerís market. Buying fruits, veggies and other foods from the farmerís market is a wonderful way to guarantee healthy eating, as well as support the local economyónot to mention these events can be found in a number of areas. From huge campuses like UCLA to smaller community colleges, finding local farmerís markets is as simple as looking up the information online.

Freeze dried food is another alternative for students. While it might not sound very appealing at first thought, there are actually a number of delicious items available in this form. Students that are also avid campers have more than likely tried this type of meal before. Aside from the typical beef jerky and freeze dried fruits and veggies, there are entire meals that can be purchased, such as breakfast packs, stews, ice cream and even entire pasta dishes.

What makes freeze dried items an ideal food choice for college students is the fact that it is convenient to store, even in a small dorm room, has a long shelf life and all it takes is rehydration to bring the meal or snack to life.

Even Top Ramen has the ability to be transformed into a healthy and nutritious meal. While the noodles are boiling, add in fresh veggies, eggs and any other fun ingredient. Not only will this increase the nutritional value of the Top Ramen, it gives it an entirely different flavor. This type of experimentation also means breaking what would otherwise be a boring Ramen routine.

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