Education and Beauty: A Winning Combination

Not many people look forward to getting older. The fact that the skin care and anti aging industry continues to make billions of dollars every year is a prime example of how society in general feelings about Father Time.

Even college students find themselves taking action to make sure they age gracefully. With the constant bombardment of advertisements in magazines, on television and the Internet, it isn’t hard to find out what the latest must have anti aging products are. Of course, just because a company has thrown millions of dollars into promoting and proclaiming their product to be the next big thing, doesn’t always mean it’s true.

All too often people buy into the hype of miracle products, only to come away with less than desirable results. College students are less likely to be as educated about skin care in general and tend to be more prone to “quick fixes” for their skin issues. When it comes to anti aging products, choosing the wrong kind can turn out to be more harmful than helpful.

College students learning the skin care/anti aging industry will first and foremost want to evaluate what kind of skin type they are: normal, oily, combination, dry, sensitive or acne prone. Just that information alone automatically narrows down the number of suitable options. Age also plays a factor because unless a person has “mature skin,” using an anti aging product could cause a negative reaction since such items are formulated with much stronger ingredients.

Health and medical experts, including Chief of Plastic Surgery at UCLA, Timothy A. Miller, MD, stress the importance of proper education in regards to not just skin care but anti aging in general, especially in light of ongoing studies that show the public continuing to spend small fortunes on over-the-counter anti aging creams and other related items, without fully understanding the way these products are supposed to work.

The more a consumer knows, the more likely he/she will be to make the right purchases and use items properly formulated for their skin. And the sooner a person takes time to educate themselves, the brighter their chances are of having a positive experience.

Unfortunately, not many parents take the time to teach their kids about proper skin care. By the time those children become young adults and are off on their way to college, what little knowledge they have about the subject is almost always easy to spot based on what kind of daily skin care routine they maintain, if any.

Those that don’t know much about aging and skin care products may tend to believe that the best way to avoid premature aging is to buy the fanciest brand name product on the store shelf. But if factors like skin type and age aren’t taken into consideration, even the most elite choice won’t be able to remedy things.

Most times, all it takes is the average priced item with natural ingredients to get the job done.

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