Considerations for College Students Getting Engaged

Being a college student is tough. Being a college student and getting engaged is even tougher. But that hasnít stopped many college couples from making the two go hand-in-hand. Believe it or not, there are options available to students when it comes to getting engaged that donít have to make a negative impact on their bank accounts.

Out of the many financial obligations getting engaged comes with, the first major commitment has to do with the engagement ring. Luckily, the Internet is one resource that can provide a score of advantages for couples searching for a great ring at a great price. Itís no secret that the Internet is a place where just about any product can be found, including special offers and deals typically not available at traditional retail stores.

While the idea of shopping for an engagement ring online may sound sketchy, well informed consumers have the ability to use this resource as a wonderful tool for making smart purchases. Below are just a handful of the advantages that shoppers can enjoy:

Wide Range of Selection

Instead of being limited to the few local jewelers around town, shopping online means access to a variety of jewelers. Oftentimes you can find the perfect online retailer that specializes in specifically what youíre in need of.

For example, are you looking for loose diamonds? is one of the premiere sites known for its large inventory of loose diamonds of all shapes, sizes and designs. This increases the likelihood of college couples finding exactly what they want.


Online shopping in general means the luxury of buying products from the comfort of oneís own home, which is definitely an advantage for students. Instead of dedicating time to driving around town from jeweler to jeweler or making road trips outside city limits to find additional options, the Internet is a one-stop-shop.

That means students on campuses everywhere, from UCLA in California to couples in Texas looking for a quality Houston jewelry store, location no longer has to be a factor or restrict the selection of inventory students have to choose from.

Allows for True Customization

Local jewelers are effective in helping couples find engagement rings but they are also limited to whatever options they have available in-store. However, shopping online means the opportunity to be as selective as a person wants when it comes to their ring.

No woman wants to have the same engagement ring as another person, so being able to pick and choose a diamond and setting online is a great way to ensure truly unique results. For example, online retailers offer emerald diamonds in addition to traditional diamonds. What better way to stand out in the crowd than with a beautiful emerald diamond ring?

Special Offers

While some retailers do have special offers, they are usually very limited or only available under special conditions. However, a majority of online vendors regularly have ongoing specials, discounts and deals, especially for new/first time customers. This could include free shipping or free gifts with purchase.